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AdvertisingAdvertising can sometimes be a real challenge. We don't want to give anyone a bad reputation, so we'll put it this way: we had some real challenges right after we moved.

The first challenge was that "somebody" kept stealing our directional signs pointing from our old store to our new store. Some of you may recall seeing signs all the way down 9th Street from Benson Avenue (our old store) to Mountain Avenue (our new store). After we discovered who was doing it and called the police ($400 worth of signs, plus inconvenience to our customers and loss of business to ourselves is not a small deal), the "somebody" got real upset and called Code Enforcement on us, forcing the City to require that we remove ALL remaining directional signs.

We have literally had former customers come in and tell us they had searched for us for hours! Believe us when we say we do appreciate your loyalty!

So since I (that's me in the photo) am an adventerous type who has always wondered what it would be like to have a career in sign waving, I decided to give it a try and to my great amazement discovered that it is actually quite fun. Now I know why those folks don't stand still, but instead wave the signs back and forth or around and around. It's likely not because their employers tell them to do so to attract attention but rather because it can get very boring after awhile just standing there and it just sort of "happens."

Monument SignOne day while I was out on Benson, the "somebody" called the police on me. I guess he thought I wasn't allowed to do that. I am sure the Code Enforcement officer enlightened him as to the nature of the law. However, I did have a battle of my own in another format. One of those big green beetles that have been flying around recently decided to dive bomb me a few times. When I wasn't able to wave him off after a few tries, I decided to wave the sign at him instead since it was bigger than my hand. The problem was, I also smacked myself in the face with the sign! Ouch!

After that, we had another little tussle over advertising on the monument sign out front of our business, but that has been resolved too. Now the only thing left to fix is the sign above the store which is smaller than it was supposed to be and reads "Ikn and Toner Outlet." Sigh. . .

Some days it almost doesn't pay to get out of bed.






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