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Why We Don't Sell On-Line

We are frequently asked why we don’t sell on line.  By now you may have noticed that buying things online is mostly about price.  It’s hard for an online merchant to talk about anything else since there is no personal touch in online purchasing.  It’s just you and your computer.  While it’s great to get a good deal, the bad taste of a poor product lingers far longer than the memory of the money you may have saved.  The easiest way to give you that “great” price is to reduce quality, and the ink business is a great place to put that philosophy to practice.  At Ink & Toner Outlet we are fanatics about quality and turn down products that cost half of those we sell because they don’t meet our standards. While that guy with the great price has a fantastic web site, you might find out that they are headquartered in the owner's garage.  Also, don’t be surprised if that “big” operator has 5, 50 or 500 web sites all with different names so that when you get fed up with one, they might catch you again with another name.

We will never be the cheapest, but we will always be 20% to 80% lower than the office superstores and we will always give you the best information we can.  That includes telling you which cartridge will give you the lowest printing cost and which printers are the best values and will hold up the longest.  And…

We will always guarantee everything we sell.  No if’s, and’s or but’s! Remember, our best advertisement is our thousands of satisfied customers who tell their friends about the quick service and prices at Ink & Toner Outlet.














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